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22 December 2018

Thoughts and prayers, xoxo, all my love; words that are so easily expressed whenever we think about a person or wish them all the best. On a postcard, in a text message or whenever Facebook reminds us of a memorable day. But are we aware of the real effect our words have on people? And does the person that receives them, truly understands what we meant to say?

Emotions versus thoughts

Our words hold power. It’s in the sound of every letter and when those letters are put together to form syllables and words.  Because every time we use words, it sends a vibration out into the world. This happens when we speak the words out loud and even when they stay silent and only cross our mind and we think nobody will notice.

We all know the saying ‘be careful what you wish for, it might come true’. Stories also teach us about the power of visualization; that the more we fantasize about something or someone, it will show up in our reality.

There is a kernel of truth in this knowledge.

But what we’re less aware off is, that it’s not just the words or thoughts that produce this vibration. It is our underlying emotions that in the end determine what sound and which message we’ll emanate out into the world. Those emotions have a stronger vibration and influence than we might think.

Words carry the weight of your feelings

How often do you start your day with opening Facebook and noticing the pop-up message reminding you of a friend’s birthday? And in haste you scribble a few words  on their timeline or leave a funny image. How common is it to end an e-mail or text message with xoxo, lots of love, a heart or another emoji. But are those xoxo’s, kissing face’s or the words ‘you’re in my thoughts and prayers’ exactly what we mean at that very moment? Is it, what we truly feel?

We can leave as many xoxo’s at the end of a message, and the pictures we find on the internet may be hilarious to look at, but the words will stay barren and meaningless without any emotion to back them up.

When you wish someone ‘good luck’ but in the meantime you’re still angry with them, your words will carry the weight of those feelings. When you send out your annual Christmas cards just because it seems ‘the appropriate thing to do’, it’s that feeling of indifference you’ll send with them. And what the other person will receive. Consciously or unconsciously.

A  little bit of warmth goes a long way

Be mindful what you put out in the world; through messages, social media or postcards. Or even in your mind. Stop for a moment and feel what it is you really want to give and what you want the other person to receive. Don’t  just think, but feel the emotion. In our ever changing society that becomes more technological every day, a little bit of warmth goes a long way.

And remember; what you send out, you will also receive.


Credits featured image: Wendy Aros-Routman on Unsplash

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Sensitief zijn en je emoties voelen is sterk en positief. Maar in onze samenleving vinden wij vaak het tegenovergestelde. Al lange tijd slaan we de plank volledig mis. We komen er steeds meer achter dat niet voelen en niet over je gevoelens praten juist voor problemen als stress, depressies en ongezonde keuzes zorgt. En dat sensitief zijn een sterke eigenschap is waar we veel meer mee kunnen. Door mijn verhalen te delen wil ik je laten zien dat sensitief zijn en je lastige emoties aangaan zoveel sterker is dan niet voelen en dat we als sensitief mens (wat we allemaal zijn) gewoon mogen Zijn.

About me
Being sensitive and feeling your emotions is powerful and positive. But for centuries we’re thinking quite the opposite. We’ve been wrong all this time. We are starting to understand that not feeling and avoiding to talk about our feelings is what is causing our problems (stress, depression, unhealthy choices). We now also know that being sensitive is more than emotions and that it’s a quality that can help us in many more ways. By sharing my own stories I’d love to show you that being sensitive and feeling your difficult emotions is much stronger than not feeling at all and that as a sensitive being (which we all are) we can just Be.
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