Hi, I’m Linda. I love people. I am a deep soul diver and I love to explore what it is that moves people. I also love stories. Positive stories about what is possible instead of what doesn’t work. When I’m writing these two come together. I’m a highly sensitive person, clairsentient, spiritual (for sure!) but with both feet firmly planted on the ground and enjoying all beautiful human beings and things that exist on this earth.

With the stories on my blog I coach and inspire people who feel stuck in their lives. I provide insight in what’s going on and how you can free yourself from old patterns and beliefs, that don’t seem to work anymore. So there’s room to make new and better choices.

LindavdKwastOften when we encounter difficult situations such as losing our job, stagnating or ended relationships or burn-out, we resist what happens. We tend to avoid unpleasantness and the emotions that occur. Or we wallow in our feelings of grief and anger. Sometimes it’s easier to point at something or someone outside of us so that we don’t have to look at ourselves.

These are moments when you’re challenged to do something. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes unfortunately not yet. Old ways of doing things don’t seem to work anymore and you try to find the answer, often somewhere out there. I believe that the answer lies within you and that you’re more competent than you think you are. And with the help of your emotions and your intuition you can help yourself and take a step forward.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ~ Wayne Dyer

I know, I did exactly the same. By not being able to feel any emotion, and on top of that avoiding my high sensitivity, I couldn’t feel what was happening. With the result that some painful situations kept recurring. Till I decided to face what was happening and acknowledge my feelings. And till I decided to look differently, honest and loving, at myself and these situations. Instead of ‘what is wrong’ I changed to ‘what is possible’.

I learned that feeling anger and grief are as important as feeling love and joy. It’s not either/or. Both sides are important. I know now that not feeling things kept me confined in the same place. And by feeling all emotions, they diminished. So I could see clearly what I did want and discovered what I was capable of.

The Blue Butterfly

I learned many things through my own experiences, the process of starting to feel again and my four year education in intuitive development and aurareading. I’d like to share my experience and knowledge with you. That is the reason I started my blog, this blue butterfly plays a significant part.

Butterfly_Dream_by_xRuinEverythingxA butterfly is a metaphor for transformation. The only way to become one is by freeing yourself from the chrysalis. No one can do this for you. A butterfly to me is also the freedom of being yourself. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, the area of self expression. By leaving behind old patterns, you’ll have more room to show who you are.

My love for people and writing come together on this blog. By telling stories I offer you a new perspective and hopefully inspire you and show you that there’s more possible than you think there is.

Copyright picture butterfly: xRuinEverythingx

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